Ebay VCC: Link Card to Ebay, How to Add a Card to Ebay Account for Shopping and Making Payments

To add a card to ebay account is very simple, all you have to do to add card to your eBay account is firstly

Login to your eBay account. As you can see below screenshot I have logged into my eBay account and on the left top corner click on your profile name in this case I clicked on my profile name which is “Kevin” 
And, click on account settings as you can see below
  • And click on payment options as you can see below, after clicking you will see any card you have added before, but if you haven’t added any before no worries 
  • Click on add payment option as you can see below
  • And popup form will appear, you will see two options which is credit card or paypal in this case, select credit card and click on continue
  • And then add your card details see below
 You will see a form to enter your card details after entering your card details just click on add and your card will be added successfully if it entered correctly

Thanks for reading how to add card to ebay account I made a video on how to add card to your eBay account you can check it.

Thanks once more again and have a nice day!
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