How to Block Picture Tags on Facebook, Easy Guide

 I know it’s very annoying when you open facebook and find out that a picture that does not belong to you is in your profile. In fact I hate that Facebook Tagging, People just choose to tag you in some senseless pics without seeking your permission. Honestly, you cannot block your Facebook friends from tagging you but you can block Facebook tags so that your friends won’t be seeing them.

The Best Solution to this Problem is to Edit your Facebook Privacy Settings, With this your Friends won’t see any Picture you were tagged in, Follow the simple steps below to block annoying picture tags.

1. Login to your Facebook Account, Then Visit this Link if you’re browsing on a computer

2. Click on “Edit Settings” 

3. Another window will pop-up, In the “Profile Visibility” change the Option from Friends to Custom

4. After Changing the Option to Custom, Another window will pop-up, Choose “Only Me” from the drop-down menu.

5. Click “Save Changes” and your good to go.

 In case if you are using a mobile device, follow this steps:

1. Login to your Facebook Account and visit this Link

2. Scroll down to where you see “How Tags Work”, you’ll see an option “Friends”, Click on the Friends Link

3. Change it to “Only Me”and you have successfully blocked facebook picture tags.

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