How to Pay Back GTB Quick Credit Loan in Nigeria 2024


How to pay back GTB quick credit loan in Nigeria

There are different types of loans offered by the GTBank, and here, we will be considering how to pay back the GTB quick credit loan in Nigeria. This loan is one that affords you a full package of about three month of your salary payment with an interest rate of 1.33%. This fee, you must pay back within a year or half of it. You also do not need to have standing collateral for this loan type to be offered to you.

Usually, you could be loaned a minimum amount of about half a million and a maximum amount of five million. So, it would be really advantageous for you if you desire to start up a business or invest in some money-fetching trade. However, you have to ensure that whatever you invest the money in must fetch you the loaned money as well as the interest within the time you speculated for the return.

Now, on how to pay back GTB quick credit loan in Nigeria, you’d need to follow the instructions below;

Note: You can do the repayment straight off with your mobile phone.

  • Dial in *737*0# on the keypad of your mobile device.
  • Type in the fourth option that stands for ‘Replacement.’
  • Type in the second option that stands for ‘Close credit.’
  • Type in your pin to finish with the transaction.

To pay off your GTB quick credit loan in Nigeria, you could also work with the GT banking application. Follow the procedures below for that;

  • Log in on the app with your password and username. If you do not have an account yet, you can go ahead to Play Store to have the application downloaded (This is good if you are using an Android phone). For those using Apple phones, you can go ahead to the Apple Store application to download the app. After you download, you’d be asked to provide a couple details that would link the account to the one you have at the bank. Ensure you type in the accurate details!
  • Click the ‘Quick loan’ icon.
  • Click the ‘Salary advance’ icon
  • Click the ‘Repay loan’ icon
  • Type in your PIN to finish the transaction.

To know if your transaction was indeed successful, wait for about two minutes for a notification.

GTB loan repayment code

The USSD code for repaying any of your GTB loans is *737*51*51#

For those that’d want to liquidate their assets or stocks at a company to pay back their loans, you can follow the procedures below;


  • Dial *737*51*55#. You will receive a prompt on your screen regarding the instructions you should follow.
  • Type in your PIN for USSD features, or your Token code to finish.

For Payment via the bank app

  • Log in to the application with the aid of your password and username.
  • Click the ‘Investment’ icon
  • Then, click the ‘Loan Liquidation’ icon.
  • Click the ‘Loan liquidation request’ icon so that you can pick out the kind of loan you wish to liquidate.
  • You will be asked your secret question. Provide an answer to it.
  • Then, type in whatever Token code you generated previously for this purpose.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ icon.

Then, you’d need to know that obtaining a loan from GTBank means that you give them an automatic right to cut out a portion of whatever remains in your account at the stipulated time. So, you really would not have to go through any repayment process by yourself.

For example, for monthly salary earners, the bank would deduct a portion of the loaned fee as well as the interest from each monthly payment. Even when you do not have cash in your account, GTBank still makes the reduction, leaving your account balance in negative figures. That way, any incoming cash is used immediately to settle loans. A default in the payment of a loan usually would show up in your credit statement.

So, all of that generally describes how to pay back GTB quick credit loans in Nigeria.

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