How to Upgrade My GTBank Account from Student Account 2024


How to upgrade my GTbank account from student account

Here, on how to upgrade your GTbank account from student account, we’d be discussing a few broad segments. The first two types of accounts available are the savings and the current account. Then, GTbank also has account classifications in form of Tiers.

There is the first tier, the second tier, and the third one. These tiers help to restrict the total amount of money that can be stored within your bank account.

An account of the first tier type for example can allow a maximum balance of 250, 000 naira. And one thing you should note is that your account must not be credited with the money at once. It is against the rules. You could opt for depositing about 50, 000 naira one at a time though.

In general, you have to ensure that the total amount credited into your account should not supersede 300, 000 naira. It must be equal to or less than that value.

The first tier account can be very limiting when you have to deal with more money. You should also note that if any of the rules guiding the account were flouted, such account would be instantly blocked. So, for your account to be able to accommodate more money, you’d need to upgrade it.

The following steps define ways by which you can get that done.

Visiting any of the branches of GTB proximal to you. If you are going to work with this option, follow the steps below;

  • Get all the documents you need.
  • To avoid unnecessary hold back, visit the bank early enough
  • Talk to any of the representatives of the bank in the customer section
  • Table a request for an account upgrade
  • Next, you’d be handed over a form which you’d need to fill.
  • Fix the required documents to the form.
  • Hand over the form back to the representative.

How to upgrade my GTbank account from student account online

You could also run the upgrade online. To upgrade your GTbank account from student account online, follow the steps below;

  • Go to
  • For new users, you’d have to sign up for a new account. To do that, tap the ‘Register’ icon. For those that already have an account, they can head right on to the next step.
  • Log in to the account you have with your username and password. Usually, your username could be your email, account number, phone number, or your customer identification tag.
  • Once you are logged in, tap the ‘Self-service’ icon that is just at the end of the page.
  • Tap the ‘Account Upgrade’ icon to choose the kind of service you need.
  • Type in your account number, and then, the bank verification number. In case you see something like ‘NUBAN,’ know that you’re being asked for your account number.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ icon to finish.
  • You’d be asked what tier you want to upgrade your account to. You could either choose the second or third tier.

However, you should note that the third tier is the best as it has no restriction whatsoever as to the amount of money that can be held in your account.

You would generate an OTP code which would be sent to whichever number you have registered for that account. The moment you receive the OTP, type it into the slot that appears on the app.

The code usually would expire within a time as short as ten minutes. Any time period more than that would need that you generate another.

Requirements to upgrade my GTbank account

You would also be required to upload any of the following documents as a way of identifying you.

  • Utility Bills
  • Marriage certificates
  • Newspaper publishes
  • Other required documents.
  • Then, click the ‘Submit’ icon to finish the step.

For an upgrade to the third tier account, you would need the following documents;

  • Your voter’s card, National ID card, International passport, or your driver’s license card. These items are great for identifying you.
  • Your bank verification number which appears as a combination of eleven digits. These digits come out as special ways by which the bank can identify you.
  • Two passport photographs
  • A utility bill that is drafted out within three months. This bill usually stands as a proof of wherever you live.

For those that desire to upgrade to the second tier account, they could cancel out the last requirement from the list. However, it is advised that you upgrade your account straight away to the third tier account as it saves you a whole lot of stress of doing all of these things again.

Gtbank student account limit

Then, you should also note that for first tier GTB accounts—also known as student accounts, the highest one-time payment you can make is 50,000 and can allow a maximum balance of 300, 000 naira. For a tier two account, the highest payment you can make at a time is 100,000. However, for an account of the third tier, there’s really no restriction on your one-time payment.

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