Adsterra High CPM Trick: Best Simple Ways to Get Higher CPM in 2024

Adsterra High CPM Trick: Best Simple Ways to Get Higher CPM in 2024

is one of the most best CPM Adnetwork which is recommended for
publishers (site owners), most especially sites that don’t have traffic
at all or sites that doesn’t have huge amount of traffic. With Adsterra
you can start generating revenue as a publisher on your website.

How Do I Get High CPM on Adsterra?

this article, we are going to be talking about CPM increment in your
Adsterra account so that you generate more revenue with your little
amount of visitors. I will be listing below the best non tricky trick on
how to increase your Adsterra cpm according to the company.

Best Simple Ways to Get High CPM or Ways to Increase CPM on Adsterra 

1. Advertising Codes Update

 Make sure your ad codes are always up to date, and don’t past one ad codes twice on many web pages.

Make sure that your have a secured connection which is https.

2. Ad Density

Make sure that you don’t display the same ad on a page.

You have to display different ad formats on a page to make your CPM go high.


Push ads (Social Bar) + Native Banner

Social Bar + Direct Link

Popunder + Social Bar

Native Banner + Vast

Native Banners + Popunder

3. Ad network Scripts

You have to make sure you place your ad script according to the ad network company rules.

you have place your ad script (ad code) make you sure you check how
fast or slow your site page speed is using Core Web Vitals in your site
Google Search Console.

4. Bounce Rates

have to check how long users spends on your website, at least user are
to spend 10 seconds, because in most cases depending on how fast your
site loads ads are to be displayed 10 seconds after the site page is

Your total bounce Rates are not to be higher than 70%.

sure you don’t have pages with 90% to 100% bounces, in order to achieve
that you have to write and publish high quality unique and engaging
contents on your website.

5. User Session Duration

Users should spend much time on your website page and also navigate to other related pages.

User should at least read 50% or more of content on the page.

6. User Experience 

Avoid  placing ad very close to navigation elements.

Don’t replace or overlap reasonable information with ad.

Make sure you don’t use a desktop format of banner ad… Which size is (728×90 px) on a mobile website version.

Don’t say you prefer Popunders, not Pop-ups, because the other ones disturbs more.

ad that you see that cover all the screen when user want to navigate to
other pages? Don’t panic is very easy to close.

Don’t choose to place ad formats of your choice because you don’t like the display of other ad formats on a web page.

7. Click-through Rates (CTR) with on-click Ads

Always check your CTRs because users click on Ad naturally, not only by watching them displayed

not advisable to force or ask your website users to click on displayed
ads on your web page because invalid traffic is highly prohibited and
will lead to permanent ban.

Don’t use tricks like placing ad direct link on navigating elements.

What is CPM in Adsterra/Adnetwork

means (cost per miles), but in Adsterra CPM is regard as (cost per
thousand impressions). That is to say that CPM is how much and
advertisers pay per 1000 impressions. 


pay a fixed price which they will be hoping to get revenge after their
products have been displayed to website visitors.

Advertisers can meet an ad company and tell them I want to advertise my product under your company.

Black Soap is the product I have to advertise and if this my product is
shown to 1000 website visitors I will pay $2, which if the product is
shown to 3000 website visitors the advertiser will pay $6. So this is
all about CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions).

Adsterra High CPM Country List

I will be discussing about countries that have higher CPM on Adsterra,
which if you can find a unique way to send traffic from those countries
to your website then definitely you will smile at your revenue. Let’s
proceed by listing the countries below:






South Korea


New Zealand

What is the Best Ad Unit on Adsterra 

you’re on a search of the best ad unit on Adsterra to use in order to
get a better revenue result, below I will be listing the Adsterra ad
unit that is likely to have higher engagement rate which will skyrocket
your monetization revenue and which can also lead to higher CPMs.

There are the best Adsterra ad units below:

Display Banner Ad

Popunder Ad

Interstitial Ad

Direct link is also advisable to use if you have a ways of sending traffic to it.


How to get high CPM on Adsterra is all about following the ad company CPM increase guides.

you for reading, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to use the
comment section below and don’t forget to share with family and friends.

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