How To Create docx & pdf Document Files On S40 & Symbian Phones


If you want to create documents on mobile phone in different types of electronic formats, then you need “all format writer”. These types of format includes Open Document Format (ODT), Microsoft’s Office Open XML (DOCX), China’s National Electronic Document Format, Unified Office Format (UOF) and the most popular format, that is Portable Document Format (PDF).

This tutorial would be very important if you urgently want to create and send a file. The software is free for personal use only, however if you intend to use it for other purposes, please contact the author developers.

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How to use all format writer

1. Firstly, Click here to download all format writer

Javax Microedition supported phone and Memory Card Supported Phone are the requirements for the software

2. Then you have to create a folder on the memory card. You can name the folder “Others”.

3. When yo successfully created you folder, launch the “All-Format Writer” Application.

4. You will see ‘New document’, ‘About’, ‘Exit’.

5. Click on “Enter New Document” and type the text you want to create and then proceed by clicking the “next” button.

6. You will see “Save As” type the name you want for the file and select the file type like. Either ODT, UOF, PDF, DOCX.

7. Scroll down to save, click and accept the “allow application to edit and add new data in.

Your file will now be automatically be saved inside the folder you have already created. You can now send/transfer the document to your friends.

However, if you want to read the files you created on your phone then download the following applications below:

– S40reader download
– MobilePDFreader .Jar file | .Zip File

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