How to Know Who Un-Follows You on Twitter


The popular social networking (twitter) users are known with the habit of massive follow and un-follow of users. You can wake up today only to find out that your 200 yesterday’s followers have decreased to 180 and reverse is the case. If your case is the increase in followers, I call that profit and there is nothing to worry about. But if your followers are decreasing, you need to do something about it, you have to find those tweeps who un-followed you and do the same. So that’s what I am going to discuss today on this blog.

How to know who un-follows you on twitter

1. TwitClub: TwitClub is a service that allows you to join clubs about topics you care about and grow your twitter followers. When you are a twitclub member, you earn points to follow people and those people you follow would automatically follow you back instantly.

I’m not a fan of automated twitter follows because most of those people you follow would end up un-following you, that’s why i find this portion of twitclub useless for me.

The part of twitclub i find important to me (which solves the problem this topic focuses on) is the section where you can see people you are following but are not following back, and you can un-follow them right from there.

All you need to do is log-in with your twitter username, authorize the app and you’ll see a complete list of those people you need to un-follow, then move to action. To start using this service, visit:

2. This is one of the best online tools that helps track those not following you on twitter. lets you see who has unfollowed you on twitter and you can use an optional email or tweet notification to notify you.

You can also use their advance features to unfollow/follow, block/unblock any user easily from your dashboard. You can autofollow your followers, compare users, send message to multiple users, invite multiple users to follow you with just one click. To get started, visit

I haven’t personally used this service, so there is no much to say.

I hope this helps. Do you have any service in your mind that can do this work? Share with everyone using the comment box. Remember to share this post with friends using the share buttons.

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