How to Promote Your Blog with Pinterest


Pinterest is the latest social media obsession that has caught interest of many bloggers, social-media lovers and just curious internet users. The beauty, and perhaps the convenience, of Pinterest is that users can “pin” pictures to their online pin boards related to different themes and topics. A thousand pictures are at your disposal that are connected with different websites. What’s in it for bloggers who want to promote their website? There are endless possibilities of networking, promoting and having fun, of course. Read this article to find out how you can promote your blog with Pinterest.

Create Your Pinterest Profile

This is the first and probably the easiest of steps. When you create your Pinterest page keep in mind your blog, or better yet what it is you are writing about. If you write about food then you will probably post pictures that will be connected with exquisite meals, or if you write about fashion then you would likely to put up pictures of accessories and latest fashion trends. Keep in mind that whatever you do on Pinterest it should be connected with what you do and write about on your blog.

Interact with Other Users

When posting pictures on your blog Pinterest trace what photos get more repins and try to go in the vein of general appreciation, thus creating as many followers as you possibly can. Also, a good tip would be to interact with other users on Pinterest. Repin and comment on pins of users with similar interests to yours, there is a great chance they will start to do the same for you. This can help you to bring new readership to your blog.

Be Selective

Since Pinterest is a very visual website, you should be aware not to choose the same images over and over, and perhaps choose something more artistic rather than mundane to attract more audience. Stick to the rule: photos should be unique and selective, and always strive for the new and visually appealing when it comes to choosing the right images for your blog posts.
Pinterest just like any other social media website if used in the right way can help you to promote your site, and increase the readership of your blog in no time. Set your goals, and make a plan for achieving them.

By Mary Johnson who is a freelance editor currently working for Nigerian free classifieds site

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