Top Best BulkSMS Service Providers in Nigeria

Bulk SMS service is the process of sending large numbers of messages to mobile phone devices. It is mostly used by banks, media companies, religious organizations and political bodies to send information or awareness to the general public. Bulk sms services is been offered at a rate much more economical than phone to phone sms.

Below Are list Of Some Of The Best BulkSMS Service Providers in Nigeria

1. OgbongeSMS: With OgbongeSMS, you will be given an easy, cheap and reliable bulk sms messaging services which enables you to send
personalized sms to thousands of recipients instantly. This company have a special feature of customized sender’s name with up to 11 alpha-numeric characters that ensures uniqueness with every single message sent.

Some features of OgbongeSMS

1. One sms credit = 160 characters sms message.
2. No monthly subscription fees.
3. Sms credits do not expire.
4. No ads.

The bulk SMS service can be used for the following purposes:

1. Product launch.
2. Political campaign/Awareness.
3. Sales promotion, sms marketing.
4. Invitation to events.
5. Notification of meeting and appointments.
6. Birthday/Season’s greetings.

2. Bolt SMS: This is a leading bulk SMS service provider offering communication services straight
from your devices. The Bolt SMS service connects to over 800 mobile network operators world-wide.

Bulk SMS Pricing

Quantity: 0 – 999
Price: 1.70k / SMS

Quantity: 1000 – 9999
Price: N1.60k / SMS

Quantity: 10000 – 49999
Price: N1.40k / SMS

Quantity: 50000 – 99999
Price: N1.30K / SMS

Quantity: 100000 – 999999
Price: N1.20K / SMS

Quantity: 1000000 – 2000000
Price: N1.15K / SMS

3. Nigerian BulkSMS: This is an initiative of Inter-bound Resources, a leading Mobile Marketing company in Nigeria. Their bulk SMS service helps individuals, businesses, government, and religious bodies take advantage of the available GSM in Nigeria to share information on a more personal basis.

Nigerian BulkSMS Service Pricing

Quantity: 250 – 9999
Price: N 2.00

Quantity: 1000 – 49999
Price: N 1.70

Quantity: 50000 – 99999
Price: N 1.60

Quantity: 100000 – 499999
Price: N 1.50

Quantity: 500000 – 999999
Price: N 1.40

Quantity: 1000000 – 5000000
Price: N 1.30

They also offer re-seller bulk SMS services. Details can be found on their website.

4. 50kobo RapidSMS: It’s an online Bulk SMS service platform for sending text messages from any internet connected device. is a subset of Dulan Media which caters for the provision of information technology services including Website design, Web application development, customised software development, and much more.

50kobo RapidSMS Pricing

» Personal Pack:

Quantity: 100 – 999
Price: N 2.50

» Business Package:

Quantity: 1,000 – 9,999
Price: N 2.00

» Professional Package:

Quantity: 10,000 – 29,999
Price: N 1.40

» Enterprise Package 1:

Quantity: 100,000 – 9,999,999
Price: N 0.99

» Enterprise Package 2:

Quantity: 30,000 – 99,999
Price: N 1.20

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