How to Easily Create a Blogspot Blog


Creating Blogspot Blog is a very easy task, within two minutes you can setup your blog and start sharing information with the world. Blogspot Blog platform (Blogger) is owned by Google and it is 100% free to use. Read my article on Which Platform is Better Between Blogger and WordPress?, i’m sure you will find it useful (Don’t worry, it opens in a new tab).

Below are steps on how to easily create a Blogspot Blog:

1. Firstly, you need a Gmail account. Open a personal gmail account which you will use to Sign into Blogger at

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2. When the page opens, Click on the orange arrow which indicates “Create your blog now.”

3. A new window would open which indicates “Create a Google Account”, then fill in the required information below:

» Enter the personal gmail account you just opened.

» Enter your desired password (it’s recommended that you type something strong as well memorable).

» Enter a display name (The name you want you want to use for your profile) e.g: Ibrahim Abdullahi

» Choose a user name (The name you want to be known with) e.g: Techblog

» Accept the blogger terms (it is safe to do and won’t generate junk mail).

» Fill in the word verification (Letters that appear as a graphic above the verification box).

4. Then click on the “Continue” arrow. You are now few steps away to creating your Blogspot Blog.

5. The new page that would open is the “Name your blog” page. Fill in the below required information in-order to own a Blogspot Blog.

» Enter title: (This is the title that will appear in users’ browsers when they bookmark/add to favorites you blog) It’s recommended that you choose something that will give users a clear idea of what your Blogspot Blog is all about.

» Blogspot Blog address: (Pick something users would remember easily) e.g: not something like

6. Then click on the “Continue” arrow to save the above information and move to the next step in creating a Blogspot Blog.

7. The new page that will open is the “Choose a template” page. Just scroll through the large collections of beautiful templates that would suit your blog (Don’t worry, you can change the template anytime you wish).

8. Click on the “Continue” arrow to save the template selection you made.

9. The new page that will open would show that “Your blog has just been created!”. Congratulations reader, you have successfully created your first Blogspot Blog.

10. Now click on the “Start Blogging” arrow and a new window would open. This page let’s you start typing what ever you want to share with the world.

When you finish, click on “Publish Post” and a screen will appear telling you “Your blog post published successfully!”. You can then view your post, design and customize your blog to stand out of the crowd and enjoy the blogosphere with your new Blogspot Blog.

In my upcoming tutorials, i am going to write more on Blogspot Blog tips and Blogging in general.

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