Tips For Writing Good Content For Your Blog


Writing enough of good content is one of the biggest challenges that bloggers face in their career. Writing quality content for your blog takes a lot of time and resources. Below are some great tips on how to write quality content for your blog.

1. Hire a Writer: You can hire a freelance writer to write for your blog if you have the money to invest. When you hire a freelance writer, you would have more control over what’s written for your blog and this is a great advantage.

Try to invest in quality writers, do not try to hire $5 article writers (Though this depends on your niche), you can end up getting a content as bad as what you paid for.

When you hire a freelance writer, be specific about the type of content you want since you are paying for the service. Suggest focus topics and tell them when you want it ready. On your side, try to keep up to the deal. Pay in full and in time.

Content For Your Blog

2. Repurposing: A great way to write good content for your blog is by repurposing your pre-existing content. What I mean by this is that you refresh and reorganize content that has worked for you in the past. For example, you can repurpose content from one format (In writing) to another (Video).

To repurpose a content, you have to look for popular blog posts that are over a year old, break those posts into different posts (Three individual posts recommended) and provide in-depth details about them. In-case you have a lot of detailed posts regarding one theme, you can write summary posts that explains the posts and link to them.

3. Guest Blogging: Another great way of driving good content to your blog is by attracting guest bloggers. Guest bloggers would write content for your blog in exchange for exposure with your audience.

To attract guest bloggers to write for your blog, create a page on the blog and indicate that you accept guest posts. Write your guest blogging guidelines and be specific about exactly what you want when it comes to content submissions. If you are on WordPress, there are plugins that can help you include a “Top Contributors” widget on your blog sidebar or footer so that you can create competition within your writers.

Also make sure to check the quality of submitted guest posts to avoid publishing duplicate content. Shine your eyes bloggers, don’t let yourself be tricked to publish sponsored posts in form of guest posts.

I believe if you follow the above tips, you’ll surely generate loads of quality content for your blog and your worries about content would be over once and for all.

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