Top 10 Best Android Apps To Download


Writing on Best Android Android Apps is not an easy task at all. There are loads amazing Apps and Games released on the Google Play store. However, this review is based on my experience and consultation made within my environs. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Top 10 Best Android Apps To Download

1. Temple Run 2: This App makes the leap to Android, it got 20m download a week after it’s iOS release. It has an amazing graphical quality and adds more depth to the original endless runner, as you swipe to jump, slide and turn your way through the scenery to escape an angry giant monkey.

2. ESPN X Games: The ESPN’s extreme-sports X Games events Android app offers video highlights, news, results, schedules and a “TrickTrack” feature that gives more data on the tricks that athletes are pulling off during the competitions.

3. Banjo: This is an Android Social App that pulls friends updates from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and LinkedIn. This App is one of my favorites.

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4. Smart Data: This is an interesting Android App from MasterCard. Designed to help people keep better track of work expenses, taking and uploading photos of receipts, tagging them with date, amount and description details.

5. Pool by Miniclip: This is the world’s best multiplayer pool game. As the App is available for Android gamers, it won’t miss my rankings. It sees you sinking balls in practice, 1-vs-1 and tournament modes, with a level and ranking system ensuring you’re matched against similar opponents, competing for virtual currency to upgrade your skills.

6. Ikaruga: Ikaruga is an amazing shoot ‘em up with all the ships, enemies and bullets you could wish for on a smartphone. This App is for sure worth having on your Android phone.

7. Mood O’Clock Alarm: This is an amazing alarm clock app for Android which helps you “choose the morning mood you want to be woken up to” and get a suitable melody for it. Moods include calm, dreamy, energetic and furious.

8. Restaurant Story: This is an interesting game from social games publisher TeamLava based on its popular Restaurant Story. It’s Valentine’s edition involves building a romantic restaurant, customizing its menu and visiting those of friends.

9. Hushed: Hushed is one of a wave of apps promising “disposable, anonymous, private phone numbers” for use, including anonymous text messaging. The App is perfect for dating, job searches, short-term projects, craigslist, twitter, tumblr, and other social media.

10. BlueBox: This is an electronic-instrument app based on Yamaha’s Tenori-On, enabling you to play melodies by tapping dots arranged in an on-screen grid.

Do you have any interesting Android App in mind? Share it using the comment form.

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