PayPal Nigeria 2021: 100% Working Method to Send and Receive Payments in Nigeria 2021

How to create a PayPal Nigeria account that can send and receive payments in Nigeria 2021 easily and fast.
Today I want to teach you the step by step method i use to create PayPal account that sends and receives payment in Nigeria. 
Hello, I am Muhasson
I want to teach you the exact strategy I use to create a successful paypal account that receives payment as well sends payment in Nigeria without using vpn or changing your IP address.
PayPal in Nigeria Working Method
Inside this video course I will show you step by step method to create the fully functional PayPal account in minutes that will enable you to receive and send payment in Nigeria.
we are going to use our Nigeria real details to create this PayPal account through the steps inside my method, not like USA or UK PayPal that will require you to buy a virtual phone number to create the PayPal account.
 When you get this course, inside the course member area which you will get instant access after purchasing the course you can download the Paypal Ebook pdf file if you prefer reading instead.
Below is my PayPal account balance screenshot:
My PayPal account balance
Below are the payments I received using my PayPal account that I created using this same strategy am about to show you 

Paypal Nigeria 2021
Payments I received using my PayPal

The way I created this account is using a foreign paypal account 

Now let me show you the requirements needed to create this paypal account using my exact method

It has the feature to use our Nigeria real details such as your Nigeria
  1. First and last name 
  2. Gmail account: old or new Gmail account are accepted
  3. Your Nigeria Phone number
  4. Identity documents: like national ID, drivers license or passport etc are accepted
  5. Your device: both mobile phones and computer devices are accepted
  6. No need to use vpn or changing of your ip address, 

After creating the account, you can use it to send and receive funds without even linking any card to verify it, as you can see below is my account proof am using, I just created it through this guide in my EBOOK here and start sending and receiving payments right away, no card is linked to it, see it below now

Paypal Nigeria 2020: sends and receives payments in Nigeria
I can help you to create a working paypal account now just contact me either on whatsapp by clicking here now or contact me on facebook by clicking here now and i help you out easily and fast

So continue reading….
I will be walking you with step by step guide on how you too can set up your own paypal account just within few minutes, and bum! Your account is ready, and you start sending and receiving payments right away.

I will be also showing you more proofs

PayPal Nigeria account

I received a payment of $50.00 = $50 united state dollars from 2 different of my clients recently.

Below is the proof of my first client payment from PRATEECH Sharma,

this my customer is from country: INDIA,

PayPal sent me the transaction notification inside my email inbox as seen below.

Paypal Nigeria 2020:sends and receives payments in Nigeria 2020


Then I checked this transaction immediately I login to my PayPal account, below is it.

Paypal Nigeria 2020


Seen right?
Okay good! Let me show you the second payment I received just yesterday from yassine Baassou he is my client from country: morocco.
Below is Inbox notification I got

Paypal payment received


Then Below is the transaction details I got from my PayPal account transaction dashboard.

Paypal payment received: Paypal Nigeria 2020


In Fact: I can provide you more proofs to show you that this my strategy works 100% Guaranteed.

Inside this video course, I showed and revealed to you my step by step guide with screenshots on how to create your own paypal account in Nigeria. Easily and fast so that you can start sending and receiving payments right away!

 This my method is my secrets I have been using to create all my PayPal account and for my clients without using vpn. Over 100+ ( hundreds+ ) of different paypal accounts I have created using this secret strategy, and even till now, I am still using it

Now let me show you another proof below!

Paypal Nigeria 2021


Below is the message PayPal sent me when I got the payment of $13.00

Paypal Nigeria 2021

If you have a PayPal account that doesn’t receive payments here in Nigeria, and you want to discover one Little Secret to create a PayPal account that will receive payments and will also sends payment then this is the best page you will visit this year.
This is my all time secrets I have been using to create my own PayPal account and for my clients, unlike the other PayPal account like USA PayPal account that requires usa phone number to verify it, and usa vpn to access it, this my method is a guaranteed method and it doesn’t require to change your ip address before you start creating it, only your Nigeria ip address is needed.
If you read this short PayPal  post till the end,
you will discover;

  1. One: a silly mistake you are making right now, without even knowing it that is actually preventing your PayPal account from receiving payments from abroad or any were you may call it
  2. Two: a totally LITTLE known strategy you can use to create a working PayPal account that will receive payments from anywhere in the world, 
  3. Below is payments I received in my PayPal account, this is to verify you that this is 100% working

This above screenshot is my account dashboard recent transactions, that is only to confirm to you that it’s 100% working with no story,

Right now check below screenshot, I have $7.09 in my PayPal account balance,
See below image for proof.

This above image is just to clarify you that this my method is completely working, see also the balance again.
So as you have seen that my PayPal account can send and receive payments. Now let’s look into the features:
  1. It has option to send funds as family and friends (FNF) 
  2. It has features to send funds as goods and services (GNS)
  3. No vpn required, you will use it without using any vpn. 

It has the features to add your Nigeria phone number directly to it, below is my PayPal account screenshot I directly added my Nigeria phone number to it.

You have seen it right?  Also I will show you another option as you can see,

Below is the option of family and friends & goods and services features it has

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