Some iPhone Accessories to Improve Gaming Experience


The iconic iPhone is quickly becoming an outstanding gaming device, but the touchscreen controls are not always best. Whether you are immersing yourself in Sim City or operating a casual social game, the iPhone starts to show some issues after extended sessions of gameplay; sub-par audio notwithstanding and fast draining battery life, and sometimes it is just difficult to run the game.

If you are into smartphone gaming badly, then there are some handy accessories than can help you to improve your gameplay experience in your iPhone. Let’s find out more about such third-party accessories for iphone in the article below.

Jawbone Jambox ($199.99)
It is not a secret that the sound on a mobile game is pretty much disturbing. It is really annoying to play the games on mobile devices without using headphones. And how can you really enjoy the game without listening to the sound? A viable solution to this problem has come into the form of Jawbone Jambox. Remarkably tiny and stylish, the Jambox speaks features a big boom which will definitely improve the sound in the gaming experience. Once the speaker is connected through Bluetooth you can enjoy listen to the sound of the game concisely and clearly. Additionally, when you are not using this device for gaming, it can be used as an airplay speaker.

Jawbone Jambox, iPhone Accessories

Fling Mini ($24.95)
If a more flexible and slicker accessory is what you are looking for, then the Fling Mini can be the perfect choice for you. It provides improved play experience without you having to make big commitments. You will get an extra grip on the games with the help of joysticks. Aside from the built-in joystick, the Fling Mini can even be used along with the Joypad Wireless controller, which allows you to team your iPad with your iPhone and create your very own mobile console, and have some good control over the game.

Apple TV ($99.99)
The Apple TV can bring Airplay to the television. Now you can play the mobile games on your beautiful, big television without any lagging. In addition it even comes with some improved stereo, an added bonus. Aside from mirroring, some games can transform your iPhone into a controller and put the game on screen at the same time. It’s a quite impressive device.

Zagg Caliber Advantage ($69.99)
The frame of the Zagg Caliber Advantage acts both as a slick controller for your gaming experience and as a protective case for the iPhone. The device looks just like a PS Vita. You simply need to open the case, flip your iPhone into landscape mode, and connect the Caliber controllers via Bluetooth. The controller features both d-pad/button and dual joysticks combination. Moreover, this accessory has its own lithium ion battery, so it won’t drain the battery life of your iPhone.

iCade 8-Bitty ($29.99)
If you feel your retro games are missing the analog magic, and wish to have the original Atari or NES, then the iCade 8-Bitty can be the solution for you. It is a retro controller specially designed for the smartphones. It looks very much similar to the original NES controller. It connects to your iPhone through Bluetooth and can work with any applications that support this controller.

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