Which Platform is Better Between Blogger and WordPress: Know the Advantage and Disadvantage


I always get questions from people asking about which platform is better between Blogger and WordPress, so I decided to write about it in this blog so that i can direct people here to compare and contrast. Honestly, there is no one who can prove to you the best platform, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Everyone have different reasons to start blogging and choosing the Better Between Blogger and WordPress depends on the reason that made you start blogging. From my experience, MOST users of Blogger are just blogging for fun while their WordPress counterparts are going for the juice. But i know many successful and respected internet personalities who are ruling their niche and still using Blogger.


Advantages of using Blogger

1. Blogger is owned by the popular search engine company, Google.

2. It’s very easy to setup a blog with Blogger, within 10 minutes you can start sharing what’s in your brain to the world.

3. It is very easy to design and maintain. There are many gadgets bundled with the platform that can make things very easy for you.

4. You can have a free domain name with blogger, something like “yourname.blogspot.com” is activated by default and you can change it anytime you wish. However, you can buy a custom domain name to use with your blog.

5. With blogger, hosting is free. No need to worry about bandwidth, disk space or hosting payment.

6. With blogger, Google AdSense integration is easy because it’s owned by the same company.

7. Blogger allows users to generate revenue from Amazon affiliate program.

Disadvantages of using Blogger.

1. With Blogger, if Google finds out you are violating any of its policies then it have the right shut down your account.

2. The mobile interface is not encouraging. You cannot completely change the design as well show ads unless you use some third-party companies like Mobstac.

Remarks: If you want to run a personal blog and share your experiences with friends and relatives then blogger is the most perfect platform for you. You can also monetize your blog without spending a penny. Design your blog, customize it according to your choice, use gadgets and enjoy amazing blogging experience with blogger.

Advantages of using WordPress

1. WordPress is a well known CMS (content management system). It is an open source and hence offers you 100% customization.

2. It is absolutely free. You just have to buy a hosting plan from and a domain name.

3. WordPress also offers one click installation if your hosting plan includes cpanel. You can also upgrade and remove of your WordPress platform anytime you wish.

4. WordPress removes all limitations and it is open source so if you are an expert in coding, that’s the best platform for you.

5. It offers thousands of themes and plugins for almost all niches, this can help you easily install and activate any plugin as per your need.

6. You can customize your WordPress to a better way and make it search engine friendly. You can also ping as many blog
directories as you want, and start getting more traffic to your blog.

7. Your domain name and hosting are yours, so you own your content and you have complete ownership and copyright of content.

Now it’s your choice to think about the purpose for which you want to blog, then choose the Better platform Between Blogger and WordPress. However, this blog is hosted on Blogger and there is no going back because it love it. :D

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